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S10 Outlaw Body

DragRace Concepts

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Product Overview

The DragRace Concepts S10 Outlaw is a promod inspired truck specifically for no prep outlaw racing. 

The S10 features a 13.5" wheel base to accomidate the most popular outlaw chassis. Starting with the front of the truck, the grill area has been layed back to increase aerodynamics. The front bumper area has been rounded and brought to a point to futher improve aerodynamics. 

The pre "wedged" side profile provides positive rake to the body that provided additional downforce at speed and increased traction. 

The S10 is pulled in crystal clear .040 polycarbonate and includes 4 body mount braces and hardware for internal bracing. Window Masks, Decal Sheet and Protective Paint Mask are included.  


  • 13.5" Wheelbase
  • Front Width 10.375"
  • Rear Width 11.00"
  • .040 Polycarbonate

The S10 outlaw is sold as a clear and unpainted body and all images are for display only. 

The S10 outalw wing set #DRC-1012 is sold seperatly. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review