LS350 Outlaw Body

DragRace Concepts

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Product Overview

The DragRace Concepts LS350 is a blend of import style and performance for your no prep outlaw car. The LS350 features a 13.5" wheel base with a narrowed width to reduce the overall size of the body to improve aerodynamics.

The LS350 features a pre "wedged" design to provide positive rake to the body while maintining the styling features of the body. Molded in mounts with flat sides allow for easy mounting of side dames. The molded in rear spoiler is an easy no hazzle design that has been tested to over 95mph. 

The LS350 is pulled in crystal clear .040 polycarbonate to maximize body rigidity at speed and minimize the need for additional internal bracing. Window Masks, Decal Sheet and Protective Paint Mask are included. 

The LS350 is sold as a clear and unpainted body and all images are for display only.  

Optional LS350 Side Dames #DRC-1006 are sold seperately. 



  • 13.5" Wheelbase
  • Front Width 10.375"
  • Rear Width 11.00"
  • .040 Polycarbonate


(No reviews yet) Write a Review