Gen2 DT - Orange


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The "dry" tire side of No Prep Drag Racing has seen a resurgence and continues to grow. 

With these developments, it was time to make a tire specific to the unique demands. The Gen2 eXcelerate rear tires have been redesigned from the ground up with no dimension left untouched to make it one of the lightest, fastest and most versatile tires in No Prep Drag Racing. The eXcelerate tires feature an equal side wall design that provides superior traction while the reinforced kevlar belt provides high speed stability.

Our all new Orange compound is specific to dry tire racing with increased traction on the hit as well as a dramatic improvement in mid to top end grip yielding mph # 's that simply make this tire in a class of its own.


Orange - Ultra Soft DT

Foam Recomendations:

Narrow Wheels - 1.500 wide inserts

Wide Wheels - 1.75 wide inserts

Wide ProLite Wheels & ProHR inserts for ultimate performance

Recommended Cleaner & Conditioner:

This is the current recommended process for events allowing conditioners beyond a Simple Green burn out. Clean the tire before a pass with CRC Pro Series Brakleen (green can), apply 1 coat of BBM C1 conditioner & race. Heating is optional however due to the nature of this rubber we suggest only heating between 100-140F. Exceeding 140F will cause the tire to feel "greasy" and perform below its maximum potential.

Gen2 DT-Orange are not designed to use with prep or aggressive conidtioners. Use of prep and non-recommended conditioners can cause tire damage. 

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